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Did you know?

There is a site ( through which you can see in real-time what objects (satellites, used rockets, spaceships, debris such as toothbrushes) are on Earth’s orbit?

Unfortunately, even outer space has become quite polluted (full of debris), which threatens the continuation of human operations in space.

The European Space Agency also provides us with some updated figures about objects on Earth’s orbit:

- about 5560 rockets launched since the beginning of the space age in 1957;

- the 5560 missiles placed in orbit around 9600 satellites;

- about 2300 satellites are still operational today;

- 22,300 is…

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In 1998, the merger between Citicorp and Travelers Group gave birth to the world’s largest financial services company — Citigroup — valued at $140 billion at the time and with $700 billion in assets under management.

By default, the new group needed a new visual identity in line with its market value. Thus, in 1999 they turned to Paula Scher from New York, one of the 25 partners of the Pentagram company.

After a short preliminary negotiation, they agreed on the entire rebranding package price — 10 million dollars, out of which the logo worthed 1.5 million.

When they met…

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These days everybody is talking about the same things over and over again:

· Investing;

· Bitcoin;

· Ethereum;

· NFT’s;

· De-Fi.

· And…. I almost forgot Tesla.

You got the idea.

What does it all mean?

It means that we are in a bull-market on both stock and crypto markets and everyone is looking to get rich quickly. Unfortunately, that is impossible.


Because, this is a zero-sum game, and your profit is another man’s loss. So, you need to outsmart some people, more or less experienced than you in the investing “bubble”. …

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2020 was a hell of a ride.

Even though the pandemic wasn’t a “black swan” event (link 1, link 2), it steered our life at 180 degrees. It showed us how vulnerable we can be and how easily everything can turn into chaos.

On the other hand, we proved that we can adapt, reinvent, and overcome everything with patience, discipline, and positivity.

2020 will stick forever in our minds and that’s why I wanted to put together the most important events of the last twelve months:

January 2

Australian state declares emergency as wildfires spread (link)

Illinois becomes 11th state…

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Somebody said that you only have one birthday, the rest are just congratulations for survival.

24 years can mean a lot.

It depends. Certain is that many haven’t managed to reach this age and this is the first reason for being grateful. Without gratitude, you can sink very quickly into a black hole of negative thoughts which is not easy to escape. But, once you take responsibility for your words, actions, and implicitly your life, it will be much easier for you to make peace with yourself and those around you. Otherwise, it is very easy to project your frustrations…

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* I should mention that the purpose of this article is not to cause panic

More than ever it is up to us (individually and collectively) to limit as much as possible the coronavirus impact. Everyone knows the basic measures, it is important to apply them and to encourage others to do it.

The fact that we live in Eastern Europe (Romania) has given us a small advantage — the epidemic started a little bit late here and we could use the information from the other countries. Long live technology! …

Alexandru Gavrilovici

I wrote an e-book about investing in cryptocurrencies: You can find it here:

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